Cars are powered by tiny explosions of petrol that happen deep inside the engine thousands of times a minute. The more petrol an engine can burn, and the quicker it can burn it, the faster the energy in the petrol can be unleashed. The speed in which the energy is released is exactly what power is, and we measure it in a very old fashioned way. Horsepower. So if you have a 135 horsepower engine, imagine having 135 invisible horses pulling along the car. Without the mess aswell.

What is Capacity?

Capacity is the amount of air an engine can fit into all its cylinders in one go is called engine capacity, and it’s a good clue in the engines power. Its actually measured in litres, so some people describe themselves as having a “two litre whatever” or something, they are telling you how much air their car’s engine can hold.

What's so special about the Veyron's Engine?

Engine pic

Ferrari 458 italia Engine

The 1001 bhp engine is positioned in the centre of the car, with a V16 engine. Its called a V16 because there are 8 pairs of cylinders lined up, the pairs are positioned in a V shape. Because there are 8 pairs they are actually arranged in a W shape.

But the Veyron isn’t just special because of the engine, but also because of the aerodynamics, the Veyron’s body lowers as the car reaches 137mph, this reduces air pressure under the car.

All the power in the world wouldn’t budge a car unless that car could use forces. The idea of forces seem complicated, but really all they are is just push and pull. Wherever there is movement, theres bound to be forces involved.

The three laws of motion :

  • An object that isn’t being pushed or pulled by a force either stays still keeps moving in a straight line at a constant speed.
  • Forces make things accelerate. The bigger the force, and the lighter the object, the greater the acceleration.
  • Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

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