458 Italia

Ferrari 458 italia

Science, So what?Edit

The science behind cars is important to me and my family, so I chose to do my science project on cars. The tech student award offers prizes for using technology in and out of schools.

I thought, I know! I'l make a website, and as I already have a wiki on wikia. So I did this. Website done by Joe Pepper. Website finished on 18/02/2012. 13:43 finish time.

Science behind CarsEdit

For my Science, so what? project i selected cars because the science behind them is important to alot of the people I know. So I will explain different things such as Power , Speed , Control and basically any Air Flow. (Aerodynamics.) Follow the links to find out more on the power, and how the engine's pistons, valves and other parts function. How rear wings can function to help downforce, and even how speed has evolved over the decades.

Latest activityEdit

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